Messages from the Resurrection

“Messages From The Resurrection!”

By: Larry Schneider

Today, people throughout the world are celebrating what is commonly called Easter. It is the culmination of a “Holy Week” that includes the “Last Supper” and the crucifixion on “Good Friday.” According to these man-made holidays, Easter is when Christ arose from the grave after His death. While the Bible remains silent on the times of Christ’s birth and His death, man declared these holidays several years after the actual events happened.

As Christians, it is more powerful for us to remember the messages of the resurrection than it is to celebrate these holidays created by men. We are moved by the messages that are sent to all mankind from the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The empty tomb is a powerful reminder of an awesome God. While many will celebrate today and quickly forget about Christ tomorrow, we as Christians need to keep the resurrection always in the front of our minds. Without the resurrection from the grave, we would have no hope for our own resurrection on the day Christ returns.

As we piece together the account of the resurrection in the Gospels, four powerful statements should guide us in our thinking about what happened that day.

First Mary Magdalene and the other Mary are told by an angel, “Do not be afraid.” We see from this statement that there should be joy in the resurrection and not fear. There is a great victory in the resurrection and not defeat. Finally, there is great hope in the resurrection, not a feeling of gloom or despair. As Christians, we carry this joy and hope in our hearts as we think upon the great victory over death.

Secondly, the angel tells them that “He is not here.” The one on whom they had come to check was no longer there, “He is risen.” Jesus is alive and with His Father. Jesus is alive and with His Church. Jesus is alive and with His people. While others may believe that Jesus is dead, we, as Christians, are sure that He is alive and well and sitting at the right hand of God.

Thirdly, the angel tells the women to “Come and see.” He invites them to look into the empty tomb and see where His body lay. The Lord has nothing to hide. The tomb is wide open and has nothing to hide. While many have tried to explain away the empty tomb, we, as Christians, believe that it is a powerful picture of a risen Savior.

Finally, the angel tells the women, “Go quickly and tell.”  The women are encouraged to go and spread the joy of the resurrection. The words that Christ spoke to them had come true, and now they needed to share the glorious news so that others might be saved.

While others may think upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ only for this day, let us as Christians always remember these four powerful messages from the angel on the day that Christ arose from the dead.