It Makes Me Smile



There are many things that make you smile as a Christian! There are many things that make church assemblies the highlight of a week. While you might be thinking about the Bible study, the singing, the preaching, the prayers, and the Lord’s Supper, I am thinking of something else. While all of the above are extremely important and should bring  smiles to our faces, the “30 minute members”  make me happy.

We have a large and growing number of people who might be referred to as our “30 minute members.”  These members fall into two categories. First, there are those members who always get to services about 30 minutes early. Many times, I have pulled into the parking lot and noticed several cars already here. They wait patiently for the doors of the building to be unlocked so  they can visit with their brothers and sisters in Christ. They have a genuine care and concern for their fellow saints.

The second group are those who love to stay around 30 minutes after the services are over. It does not seem to matter how long the service may be. They enjoy standing around and talking and visiting with their brethren. The Bible encourages us to love one another, be concerned about one another, listen and talk to one another so that we might all be encouraged.

This is one of the beauties of Christianity. We love each other and want to be with each other. We enjoy each other’s company. Knowing that members enjoy being with each other and sharing their week with each other makes me smile.  First of all, thank you to all of our “30 minute members!” You are an encouragement to all of us. Secondly, I believe that are some openings available for more “30 minute members.” There is no fee or application to become a “30 minute member,” just a love and concern for God’s people. I hope the number of 30 minute members” grows as we talk and learn more about each other.

  Written by Larry Schneider