Our History

Our History

It all began in 1954.  For several years, many Christians had recognized that there was a need to have a local congregation in the prosperous town of Plainfield, IN.  Plainfield was a growing town and is located only twelve miles from the west side of Indianapolis.  At the time, most of the brethren who lived in the Plainfield area worshipped in Indianapolis at the West Washington Street Church of Christ.  Therefore, the elders at the West Washington Street Church of Christ decided to approach the idea of starting a new work in Plainfield and they offered their assistance to the brethren who were living there. 

On May 7, 1954, in the home of Brother and Sister Forrest Koho, a meeting occurred to discuss the possibilities of starting the new work.  There were approximately forty Christians who were in attendance at the meeting and that day they dedicated themselves to the Lord’s cause in Plainfield.  Throughout the whole process, a godly spirit of cooperation prevailed as the local church in Plainfield began.  The brethren at the West Washington Street Church of Christ in Indianapolis were extremely supportive of the work and no ill will existed between the two congregations.  The first meeting of the Plainfield Church of Christ occurred in the town’s Library Building located on Center Street on Sunday, May 23, 1954.  Brother Raymond Muncy was the first preacher at the Plainfield Church of Christ and he preached the first sermon for the new work.  As time passed by, the Plainfield Church of Christ grew and appointed elders.  The first elders of the congregation were Brother Thomas Long and Brother Nick Skelton. 

In 1954, the growing city was mostly a residential area with a population between approximately 3,000-4,000 people.  As corporations came to the Plainfield area, many new residents moved in and the city kept growing.  Eventually, the city enlarged its borders to envelope the farm of Brother Nick Skelton.  As a result of the growth, Brother Skelton divided his farm into approximately 100 restricted lots.  Nothing but the finest homes were built in this area.  In addition, Brother Skelton saved two of his best lots for the possible location of the Plainfield Church of Christ.  As a result, the first building for the Plainfield Church of Christ was located at the corner of Buchanon Street and Lawndale Drive.  The congregation met there for the first time on Sunday, February 27, 1955.

For nearly 60 years, the Plainfield Church of Christ has experienced a tremendous amount of growth and the opportunities to spread the gospel in the area continue to be astounding.  Over the years, several faithful gospel preachers have occupied the pulpit and many souls have been brought to the Lord as a result of the good work that has been accomplished.  On May 22, 1992, the church relocated to its current location on East Township Line Road.  And today, we continue to see the Lord’s hand in the work at the Plainfield Church of Christ.  The Lord has been very good to us and our prayer is that we will always continue to abound in His work. 

The history of the Plainfield Church of Christ was provided by John and Elsie Simpson.