By: C.W Brown

It seems that as the years go by, the political fights gain more and more in number, fervor, and viciousness.  I have watched the process for 70 plus years and have had contact with this through parents, grandparents, and in later years teachers, and by necessity (because of the job.) I have been drawn into various engagements as a witness or observer of various conflicts.

Alleged “compromises” and united efforts to desist wither and fail as the voting day draws near.  The weak drop out of compromise; the strong increase their ferocity against their opponents.  Voters sicken of the whole process and either vote against or don’t vote at all.

            It is amazing how much time, money, and verbal abuse is heaped upon opposite candidates, as well as, boasting and lies to discredit opposing parties.  Friendships and families are in “uncivil” behavior.

            Surely, God of Heaven is not happy with His created beings, who have shrugged off their honor and the “peace that passes all understanding” to engage in spiritual warfare with minions of the Evil one.  Rather, we should be offering fervent prayers to Him through Christ Jesus asking for strength to overcome personal feelings of anger and despair responding instead to His Will.