Is The Physician In?

“Is The Physician In?”

By: Larry Schneider

Two things that have arisen from the pandemic caused by CO-VID are virtual doctor visits and the urgent need for a vaccine. We are a country of people interested in our health and disease prevention. Many have been unable to visit in person with their doctors and have resorted to meeting with them over the internet. Companies have been  encouraged to develop a vaccine as soon as possible. While virtual visits are filling the void left by the lack of in-person visits, they cannot compare to actually meeting with our physicians. Also, it is painfully obvious that while we have vaccinations for all types of diseases, we did not have anything for this new virus.

While we consider the marvels of modern medicine, can you imagine living during the time of Jesus? What if we had been that leper that Jesus touched and healed? What if we had been that paralytic that Jesus told to take up his bed and walk? What about the woman suffering for 12 years with an illness that was healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment? How about the nobleman whose son was in Capernaum, and Jesus healed him while being in Cana? What about when Jesus took Jairus’ daughter’s hand and raised her from the dead? What if you were there with Mary and Martha when Jesus called Lazarus from the tomb? We could continue to list other healings that Christ performed, but truly, the Great Physician had come.

There was no physical disease or illness that Jesus did not have the power to heal. That is why people were flocking to Jesus to be healed. In Mark 2:17, Jesus stated, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” However, the power of Jesus over physical illness was only used to draw men to an even higher healing power. The rest of Mark 2:17 states, “I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” Jesus calls sinners to be healed from their sins, a sickness greater that physical ailments. We have all suffered or will suffer various diseases and ailments, but there is no greater sickness than sin infecting our souls. There are no vaccinations for sin. There are no drugs or home- made remedies that will heal us from sin.

We sing a song in which we proclaim, “There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus.” Part of that song includes the line, “None else could heal all our soul’s diseases, No, not one! No, not one!” Only the Great Physician can take our sinful souls and wash them white as snow. Our Great Physician is always available. He is always there for us to check in with Him through prayer and worship. Are you having regular checkups with the Great Physician?