Do You Hear the Whisper?

        This is a New Year!  It has promises; it has demands; it has dangers; We read of the promises in news releases and the voices of mortal men.  The voice of God is heard as we read His Word.

         We will hear these words and experience these demands, dangers, and safety throughout the year.  Some will surprise us with their sudden appearance and impact on our lives and those of our physical and spiritual families.

         Others will come at various times as we sleep or when we ponder through the waking hours.  How will we handle the items as some must be immediate or some must be attended to repeatedly.  Does your mind offer help?

         Moses talked with God, receiving an answer from the mercy seat between the cherubim (Num. 7:8-9);  Samuel’s mother petitioned God and was granted her wish through silent prayer (1 Sam. 1:12-13); Elijah was awakened out of fearful lethargy by a still small voice (1 Kings 19:12) which, by order of God, sent him forth to anoint two kings and a prophet.

        The key figure in all which will assail or benefit us this year is the hand of God.  Take all your cares, dreams, and whispers to Him in prayer.   He is in control.