Satan's Greatest Weapon

                     “SATAN’S GREATEST WEAPON”

I read a story once about Satan deciding to retire and having a sale to sell all of the tools of his trade to anyone who wanted to buy them. He spread everything out on the tables and labeled everything and put prices on each item.  There was hatred, gossip, envy, lust, and anger laid out for everyone to see. However, off to the side on a table by itself was another tool kept under glass. It was quite expensive and looked more worn than all of the others. When Satan was questioned about it, he replied, “Oh that is DISCOURAGEMENT. It is my most effective tool.” He went on to explain that he used discouragement more than any other tool because it easily got into people’s hearts when almost nothing else could. He explained that once discouragement gets into the heart, it is easier for him to use other tools to destroy their souls. Further, he explained that most people don’t even know that DISCOURAGEMENT comes from him.

The strongest people become discouraged from time to time. During this time through which we are living right now, it is easy to get discouraged. We might say we have the blues or the blahs, or we are down in the dumps. When we stay discouraged and allow it to cause us to give up,  Satan can have his way with us. All kinds of factors can lead to discouragement. Things like illness, physical problems, money problems, relationship problems, and even weather can cause it. Perhaps the greatest reason people become discouraged is that they lose their focus. They no longer can see the big picture and begin focusing on each one’s particular problem. They focus so much on that one negative aspect that they allow it to crowd out all of the positives in their lives. Their focus turns away from God and turns to themselves.

The spies sent out in Numbers 13 and 14 were so focused on the giants in the land that they lost sight of God being their strength and help. Only Caleb and Joshua saw the bigger picture that God was with them. Elijah in I Kings 18 lost sight of the fact that God was with him, and deceived himself into thinking that he was the only servant left for God. Peter promised that he would never leave the Lord, but he ran away with the others when Jesus was arrested in Matthew 26:31-75. Like these of old, we become discouraged when we start paying more attention to the obstacles rather than the opportunities.

God can see us through the problems with which we are struggling and can give us victory. We can overcome Satan and discouragement when we focus on God and all of the positive things that He provides to us each day. Don’t let discouragement drag you away from God. Stop Satan in his tracks before he destroys your soul.