The word risk has its closest root word in the Italian language: riscare (to risk)  Riscare signifies taking  a chance on an unknown situation of possible danger, damage, injury, or loss.  The inference is normally in business transactions, wager, or investment as in entering into a contract to buy a house, business, or personal relationship.  Commonly we call this “taking a chance” to win or lose.

     Once committed, you are responsible for and to the situation.

     So….what has this to do with spiritual matters?  Have you ever grieved over someone, perhaps a friend or family member who has not responded to the Gospel’s invitation week after week, year after year?  Are you in that position of risk yourself?  If so, you are taking the greatest risk of your life!  Is it a conscious decision, or unbelief, or cowardice?  Were you converted to Christ, only to not commit totally to Him?

On the Last Day----Will you hear Jesus Christ, the Judge, say, “Enter in faithful servant,” or “Depart, I never knew you.”