Independence Day


Today is July 4, 2021. It is the day Americans celebrate Independence Day, the day that we declared our independence from England and showed our determination to be a free and sovereign nation. The United States of America is a symbol of freedom to people around the world. It has been that way for more than 200 years. We have repeatedly defended our freedom and independence from other nations wanting to take away our freedoms.

However, it appears that we might take our freedoms for granted. Many Americans do not seem to realize what a blessing it is to live in such a nation. We should remember that our nation was not always free. Winning our independence was costly as many have fallen defending its freedoms. We need to realize that and not let ourselves forget that freedoms can also be easily lost.

As Christians, we need to realize that there is a far more important “Independence Day” than that which is celebrated every July 4th.  When one hears the truth of the Gospel and renders obedience unto it, that person is set free. When he repents of his sin and is baptized into Christ, the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross cleanses the soul of the guilt of sins. A person set free from sin is a new creation, a Christian. In becoming a Christian, that person is “delivered … from the power of darkness and conveyed… into the kingdom of the Son of His love.”

A person who lives in sin is a slave to sin and the devil, but when a person is baptized into Christ, he is set free from the slavery of sin. In being set free, he has gained his independence from Satan, the cruelest and harsh master there has ever been. As long as the Christian remains faithful to God and lives his life in accordance with the teachings of the Bible, he can look forward to eternal salvation.

The most incredible “Independence Day” is the day a person is baptized for the remission of his sins. It is the day that he enters into salvation in Christ. It is the day he is set free from sin, and the day he comes out from under the oppression of the evil one. Jesus Christ died so that each of us may be set free from the grip of death as well as Satan and celebrate our own “Independence Day” from sin. Set yourself free by obeying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, if you have not already done so. If you have obeyed, never forget the great sacrifice that was given for your “Independence Day” from sin.