Almost a Christian


In Acts 26:28, Luke records that King Agrippa said to Paul, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian.” We know what it means when we use the word “almost.” We “almost” won the game. (But we didn’t) I “almost” got the job. (But I didn’t) I “almost” got through the green light. (But I had to stop) The old saying of “Almost doesn’t count except in horseshoes” is very true. So what did King Agrippa mean when he made that statement?  Why does Luke feel that everyone needs to know about what Agrippa said to Paul?

WHAT YOU MIGHT BE, BUT STILL NOT BE A CHRISTIAN. You might be……..   Born in a Christian country       Brought up in a religious family  …  Educated at a Christian school  …  Connected with some church  …      Believe in some doctrine  …  Buried in a Christian cemetery   …      AND STILL NOT BE A CHRISTIAN

WHAT IS A CHRISTIAN?  A Christian is one who……..Has heard the Gospel  …    Has Believed Christ  …   Has obeyed the Gospel   …    Has been buried and risen with Christ   …     Has been cleansed of his sins   …       Belongs to Christ  …    Is like Christ   …    Serves Christ.

WHAT IS “ALMOST A CHRISTIAN?” An “almost Christian” …………   Sees his need but does nothing; Wishes to be saved but remains undecided;           Stands at the Door but does not open it;   Follows after men but not the Bible;         Is eternally dangerous.

Did King Agrippa ever become a Christian? The Bible does not tell us. It only tells us that he was “almost” persuaded to become a Christian. Luke records this statement so that we can understand that “almost” being a Christian is not good enough. We must make the total commitment to Christ when we obey His commandments. When we see our need of a Savior, repent of our sins, confess our belief, and allow ourselves to be buried with Christ in the waters of baptism, then we can arise a new creature, a Christian, willing to serve our King. Do not be like King Agrippa and become an “almost Christian.”  Written by Larry Schneider