Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Lesson 6: Is the Bible Accurate?

Series: Evidences for Faith

In the past two lessons we studied “internal” evidence, evidence from within the Bible itself that the Bible is the word of God. From examining 1) the Bible’s unity and 2) its fulfilled prophecy, we have seen that men could not have authored the Bible without Divine help. God must have guided the hands of those who penned it. Therefore, internal evidence supplies the basis of trust that the Bible is from God. If the Bible’s content does not convince us, then nothing else will. But, in addition, we also have evidence that supports our confidence in the Bible. This supporting evidence can
be called “external” evidence because it is evidence from outside the Bible. If God is the author of the Bible, then two things must be true: 1) The content of the Bible is accurate when compared to known facts, 2) The content of the Bible we have in our hands now is the same as what was
originally written. External evidence can confirm these two points.

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