Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Lesson 7: Can We Trust Our Bible?

Series: Evidences for Faith

We remind the student that the primary evidence supporting the Bible’s inspiration is found within the Bible itself. We noticed this evidence in lessons four and five when we studied the unity of the Bible and its fulfilled predictions. These “internal” evidences establish that the Bible must have God as its author.

Evidence from outside the Bible does not prove that the Bible is from God, but only supports the idea that it could be. As we pointed out in the last lesson, archaeology has shown that the Bible is accurate when compared to known facts.

But, there is another issue. Is the Bible we read today the same as when it was first written? If the Bible began as the word of God, has it remained the word of God? Or, have men corrupted the text as they copied it, so that now we cannot sort out what may be the words of God and what may be the words of men? Again, archaeology puts our fears to rest by establishing that the text of the Bible is reliable.

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