Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Lesson 8: Jesus' Character & Works

Series: Evidences for Faith

We have established reasons to believe in God and the Bible. We now will examine Jesus of Nazareth, the central figure of the Bible and Christianity. There is no debate as to whether this Jesus lived. He is written about in books other than the Bible. For example, Tacitus, a Roman historian, wrote in A.D. 112, “Christus, the founder of the name, was put to death by Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius” (Annals, XV, 44).

The question asked when Jesus lived and the question that yet remains is, “Who is (or was) this man?” Jesus said that Peter’s statement that He was “The Christ, the Son of the living God” was the correct answer to the question (Matthew 16:13-18). Is Jesus the Christ, the Son of God as He claimed? Again, we remind you that faith must be based on evidence. Our source of evidence for Jesus is the Bible, which we have already established to be the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Is there evidence within the Bible to con-vince us that Jesus was more than a man? We begin our study by surveying
what the Bible says

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